Natural Cologne in Bourbon Cedar

Natural Cologne in Bourbon Cedar - ANTHILL shopNplay
Natural Cologne in Bourbon Cedar - ANTHILL shopNplay

Designer: Olivina Men


Our Bourbon Cedar cologne is a natural, essential oil based fragrance. It's a sophisticated blend inspired by the wood-aging tradition of American distilleries. Natural colognes like Bourbon Cedar are more subtle than their synthetic counterparts. This makes for an intimate experience. As Bourbon Cedar matures, a highly spirited top note makes way for a rich red cedar with a smoky vanilla finish. When blended with the wearer's natural chemistry, Bourbon Cedar is unique to every man.

One or two sprays in the morning, distributed to pulse points with the wrists, is enough to last the day. Feel free to refresh for evening outings.

alcohol denat. (natural grain), aqua (water), fragrance (parfum)**

**natural essential oil based fragrance / vegan / gluten free


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