Covent Garden Lip Balm

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Designer: Beekman

  • Lip Balm Covent Garden
  • Scented with aromatic notes of bergamot and soft cardamom tea, with a base of fir and cypress. In honor of our neighboring farms, Beekman 1802 & MacKenzie-Childs have partnered to bring you the Covent Garden collection, inspired by the old-world mystique of the Orient Express and enriched with rose, bilberry, and geranium. We’ve paired Beekman 1802’s goat milk skincare products with the legendary patterns of MacKenzie-Childs to embody our united belief in simple pleasures with a playful twist.

    OUR HOLISTIC FORMULA Rose: Noted for its soothing properties and its ability to help your lips absorb more moisture and nutrients Bilberry: Similar to blueberry, bilberry has plant pigments with powerful anti-oxidant properties and keeps your lips feeling soft and supple. Geranium: Calms and illuminates with unique properties to beautify. Like all our soaps & skincare products, we try to eliminate harmful chemicals while featuring botanical based ingredients from farms - not labs. Sulfate, Paraben, Petroleum & Phosphate Free. Clean and simple. Just like country life.

  • Beekman MKCLIPB13-CG

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