Fresh Air Hand & Body Wash

Fresh Air Hand & Body Wash - ANTHILL shopNplay
Fresh Air Hand & Body Wash - ANTHILL shopNplay

Designer: Beekman


Feel as fresh as the country air with this purifying wash. It’s gentle enough to be applied anywhere, including the face, and will hydrate your skin with velvety moisture, leaving behind a crisp, clean citrus/green scent.

This Fresh Air Hand and Body Wash thoroughly cleans your skin without overly drying. Perfect for removing garden dirt, and also for use in the kitchen and bath. The Beekman 1802 Fresh Air collection was inspired by the clean simplicity of life in the country. Every product is made with natural ingredients, a subtle fresh citrus/green fragrance, and formulas gentle enough for everyday use.

Hand & Body Wash comes in a 8.9 oz bottle.


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