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Our Philosophy

Anthill is more than just a department store - it’s a lifestyle experience.
With the rapid advancement of e-commerce and the seismic shift that consumers have made from physical shopping to online platforms, Anthill’s shopNplay concept is an effort to bring back warm, interpersonal contact and intimacy to shopping. We exist not only to connect customers with the best and latest products from both national and international brands, but to foster deep and long-lasting interpersonal relationships and cultivate a truly memorable shopping experience.
To do this we’ve curated a space that caters to the entire family, regardless of your age or interest. It’s about shopping, but it’s also about feeling welcomed and enthusiasm. Anthill shopNplay is a 5,000 square foot mecca of wonders with something for everyone. We care about the community and want shopping to about more than simply buying goods and going home, which is why our store includes a variety of different play zones, games, and toys to ensure your shopping trip is also an adventure. It’s called shopNplay intentionally, and we want every minute of your retail experience to be an exciting journey.
We’ve listened to our customers and spent a lot of time carefully curating our product range to stock only the best brands at the fairest prices. Antill focuses on more singular and beautiful product ranges that you won’t find in your average department store. These include toys, arts and crafts, books, women’s, children’s and men’s fashion, globally-curated gifts, home décor, accessories, beauty products, jewelry and more. We’re also always expanding our product range based on our customer’s preferences and proclivities. For example, our newest addition is KUD Vintage, where we have rare finds and couture items.
Located on the Newport Blvd in Eastside Costa Mesa, our bright orange building is hard to miss. From facade to interior, the concept of the Anthill shopNplay is designed to be stimulating from first sight.
So if you would like to put fun and warmth back in your shopping experience, come down and visit the Anthill - we’d love to have to you!


Welcome to Anthill shopNplay!

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