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Elvira Kudryashova - Modern Luxury Magazine
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Elvira Kudryashova - Modern Luxury Magazine
What started as a passion has evolved into a career for the Swiss-born founder of Anthill shopNplay, Elvira Kud.  Born and raised in Geneva, Elvira has a background in Public Relations and Marketing with a knack for Interior Design, where she spent the majority of her time until taking a leap of faith to activate her dream of creating a concept store after moving to the states.  "Being a busy working mom of three boys and knowing how women love shopping, I thought it would be nice to have a place to spend quality time together while combining activities that all enjoy."  Anthill is more than a boutique - it's a lifestyle, a place where all family members can shop, play, have fun and just be together.

Step inside Anthill's magical doors and discover 7,000 square feet of wonder, including everything from one-of-a-kind children's couture, toys, and books, to women's fashion, men's accessories, home decor, stationery, beauty products, etc truely a one-stop shop for all gifting needs.  Elvira is currently concepting her next neighborhood retail venture, so be sure to stay tuned for what's next.
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