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Elvira Kud
Originally from Switzerland, Elvira Kud started out as a jewelry designer and residential interior-designer.  She first landed in Los Angeles, but by the time she made her way down to Orange County, she wanted to take her creativity in a new direction - beyond her design work.  It was then that she created ANTHILL shopNplay.  Behind the doors of this magical 7,000 sq. foot space, ANTHILL is an eclectic concept store that has everything from specially chosen kids clothing, toys, books, crafts and baby products to housewares, home decor, furniture and art with women's and men's fashion.  More recently, you can find a remarkable collection of one-of-a-kind vintage couture pieces in her new concept KUD Vintage, located upstairs in the Anthill Fashion Market.

As the mother of three young boys, her children are the key influence behind all of her business ideas and more recently her newest endeavor, Edward Hill Bakery partyNbeyond, Edward Hill Bakery is an enchanting place where all the great parties can begin!  From birthdays, celebrations, or just because, Edward Hill focuses on creating unique creations for unique occasions!  "Everything I do is family related, I want to be able to create place where families can enjoy their time together" 

Credit:  Modern Luxury Magazine - May 2019 Issue

Welcome to Anthill shopNplay!

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