Top 5 Swimming Pool Toys to Get Your Kids This Summer

Top 5 Swimming Pool Toys to Get Your Kids This Summer
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Top 5 Swimming Pool Toys to Get Your Kids This Summer

Make this summer a blast for your kids! Pool toys are a must have for any water activity. Click here for the top 5 pool toys to get your kids this summer.


It's summertime, and the kids are home from school.

Whether you're hanging out at the community pool or in your own backyard, you'll need something to keep them entertained (and to tire them out).

Grab our top 5 swimming pool toys and your kids and their imaginations run wild.

5. Pool Noodles

Pool noodles aren't quite the way you remember them. These nostalgic swimming pool toys have gotten a serious upgrade in recent years. Nowadays, these colorful floats come in all kinds of shapes and designs. Stock up on a barnyard of animal shaped pool noodles or relax in a floating pool noodle chair.

Regular pool noodles are tons of fun too. Kids can blow water at each other through the tubes or use them as soft and safe swords.

Bonus: You can relax alongside your child's epic sea battle on your own pool noodle.

4. Beach Ball

Beach balls aren't just for the beach. Kids can throw, catch, and float on this traditional summer toy.

Pair it with a floating hoop for hours of basketball fun, or a net for a kiddie version of water polo. Cooperative games mean they'll learn valuable social skills as they play.

Deflate the ball slightly and watch as kids take turns trying to keep it submerged. Encourage a game of catch. You can also play one of your own childhood classics like monkey in the middle or "keep away."

This toy does double duty -- it's also fun outside of the pool! Small children can play along with older siblings, tossing it or kicking it like a soccer ball.

3. Diving Rings

Diving rings are one of the very best swimming pool toys. Your kids are in for hours of summertime fun - and a bit of sneaky fitness too. Strong swimmers and older kids will appreciate this aquatic challenge. Scatter the sinking rings around the pool. Then, let your kids race to collect as many as they can.

They can even race against themselves or try to beat the clock, picking up the most rings before a timer runs out.

2. Water Flute

Bet you've never heard of this one.

Give your mini Mozart something to pipe up about. Fill the pipes with different levels of water to make different sounds. Kids will develop important brain functions and improve their reading scores all while having fun.

This creative toy breaks the mold. Plus, it's is great whether you're in the bath or at the beach.

The Best Swimming Pool Toys: Tube Water Guns

Forget the usual water weaponry. These tube water guns are easy for little hands and big kids alike. They hold a surprising amount of water and can shoot far.

Unlike regular water guns, their spray is gentle, so kids can safely soak one another. There's no need for parents to worry about hurting eyes or faces.

You'll only have to worry about staying dry!

Pack your bag with these playthings and the kids will have a ball - without the tech.

So, what did you think? Did we leave out your favorite summer toy? Let us know in the comments below.

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