The 5 Best Travel Gifts for Kids to Get for Your Next Trip

The 5 Best Travel Gifts for Kids to Get for Your Next Trip
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Best Travel Gifts for Kids to Get for Your Next Trip

A busy child is an easy child to travel with. We're sharing the 5 best travel gifts for kids to get for your next trip in this post. Discover them here!

 Every parent knows that traveling with kids can be troublesome. Between fights in the backseat, entertainment, and pulling over for breaks, there's a lot to focus on.

And that's not even factoring in the actual drive.

Make things easier on yourself by grabbing some of these fun and simple travel gifts!

Read on for 5 of our favorite travel gifts for kids.

The 5 Best Travel Gifts for Kids

1. Leap & Hop Coloring Books

Coloring books are a beloved classic for a reason. They're fun, let kids get creative, and best of all, they'll have something to focus on.

What's not to love?

You have options when it comes to choosing your kids' coloring book. We recommend the Leap & Hop Travel Books.

Here's our most literal of travel gifts for kids.

These books focus on several regions. Your kids will be filled with wonder as they learn about new countries and cultures, all while having fun.

2. Kids' Travel Journal

For something a bit more involved than a coloring book, get them to start writing. Pack some pencils and check out the Kids' Travel Journal.

Your kids will feel more involved in their travel as they fill the pages of their very own journal. Give your kids an itinerary and let them fill out the daily activities section.

Or, if you're traveling internationally, have them write down their favorite new sayings.

Wherever you're headed, your kids will be sure to love this creative outlet.

3. The Extraordinaires Design Studio

This is probably the coolest travel gifts for kids on our list. These kits serve as a basic introduction to fundamental design principles. If your child has big dreams of becoming a designer or architect, this is the perfect gift.

With a variety of different topics from fashion to home design, there's a kit for even the fussiest child.

4. The Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Kids love tablets! And with the Amazon Fire Kids Edition, you don't have to worry about them getting into your files or apps.

With a 12-hour battery and a 2-year warranty, you can be sure that your kids will be entertained for hours at a low risk.

Best of all, the Kids Edition comes with access to around 10,000 movies, TV shows, and apps designed with kids in mind.

5. Color Changing Raincoats

This may seem a bit out-of-the-box, but that's what kids love, right? After all, the best travel gifts for kids are often practical.

No travel bag is complete without weather proof clothing. Keep your kids happy and dry with one of these awesome color changing raincoats! These cool coats can be purchased in our store, and come in several varieties.

Whether your child loves horses, robots, or dinosaurs, there's a design for every child.

At Anthill ShopNplay, we realize how important play is -- not just for your kids, but for your own peace of mind. That's why our store offers a unique experience, whether you're picking up travel gifts for kids or just clothes.

Let your kids' imaginations run wild in our play area as you shop in our two-story store!

Welcome to Anthill shopNplay!

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