The 5 Best Gifts for Kids That Don't Need Batteries

5 Best Kids Gifts that do not require batteries
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The 5 Best Gifts for Kids That Don't Need Batteries

The 5 Best Gifts for Kids That Don't Need Batteries

Sometimes the gifts that aren't powered by power and technology are the most fun. Click here to discover the best gifts for kids that don't need batteries.


If there were instructions for children (ha!) they'd read, batteries not included.

In the last ten years, there's been a move towards battery-operated toys. This is because tech abilities increased.

For those looking for play-powered (non-battery-operated) gifts for kids, look no further. We'll explore five different types of toys that make the best gifts and why.

The bonus is, you won't have to run back to the store to get batteries for any of them!

Gifts for Kids

In this guide, we'll look at five different back-to-basic toys that make great gifts for a wide range of ages.

We'll also give you some of the science behind why they make great choices.


Aside from blocks (which made our list too) dolls are a classic toy. There is evidence of dolls used for play thousands of years ago. So why have they survived the times?

Dolls help children develop their social and linguistic skills. This aids in the development of language and decision making.

Another reason dolls are a great choice is because they help children understand. In a study published in Texas Child Care Quarterly researchers found out how.

When children play with dolls, they copy situations they've lived. This gives them a sense of control and another try to understand what happened the first time.

In a kids eyes, dolls are plain fun. They can have full control over them and what they do. When you think about how many decisions are made for kids, you can see the appeal.

Musical Toys

Some parents shy away from getting musical gifts for kids because they know the ruckus they can bring.

Very thoughtful, but did you know that musical toys aid development?
Music processes in a different part of our brain. Early exposure and play with music heightens creativity, rhythm, and linguistic skills.

Musical toys also encourage fine motor skills. The fine and controlled motions playing instruments takes are to thank.


Blocks are great for any age! From six months on, infants will get a kick out of them crashing down.

Even at that young age it helps cement the idea of cause and effect in the brain.
Older children can use blocks to build their fine motor skills. The planning and consideration building something specific takes is relevant as well.

Planning and ordering are essential for executive functioning. The better the executive functioning, the better decision maker they will become.


Puzzles are also helpful in developing executive functioning skills. They are great for fine motor skills at all ages, depending on the type of puzzle.

Puzzles are visually stimulating as well, which draws children to them.

Art Kits

Want to make your kids or your friends kids smarter? Get them an art kit! Studies have shown that children who do art consistently exceed in academics.

Art teaches creativity which leads to better problem solving and lower stress.

Play Power

We could talk your ear off about the benefits of play for children. It's the number one most important job of being a kid!

We encourage you to come have fun with us and experience the power of play!

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