No More Crayon-ed Walls: The Top 5 Craft Kits for Kids

No More Crayon-ed Walls: The Top 5 Craft Kits for Kids
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Kids love colorful, fun projects. But sometimes they can carry over to the table...or walls. Keep them busy with these top 5 craft kits for kids.

Summer's here! 

And for your kids, that means one thing: boredom. As parents, it sometimes seems like there are only so many activities we can provide for them before they start entertaining themselves.

And usually, that means a mess. Spilled paint, crayoned walls, you name it.

We know you're busy. You don't have the time to clean up artistic messes off of your walls. So what do you do?

Top 5 Craft Kits For Kids

Instead of handing your kids a box of crayons and following them with a Magic Eraser, try these great craft kits for kids to keep them occupied.

1. Cardboard Jungling Craft Kit from Milimbo

Kids love animals.

No one argues with that. 

This kit comes with five different animals (monkey, crocodile, giraffe, tiger, and elephant), trees, plants, and a hut.

Your kids will have a blast putting the pieces together and painting them. But the fun doesn't stop there! 

The pieces are durable, so your kids will have plenty of creative play time. The kit also comes with a story book and some game ideas for when their imaginations run out.

2. Piperoid Characters Paper robots from Koto Laboratory

How much fun can kids really have with rolls of paper? Apparently, a lot.

Piperoid is a Japanese brand of craft kits for kids that lets your kids create fun, sturdy figures.  And all out of paper.

A pack comes with rolls of paper and some instructions. Simply cut the rolls, fold them into place, and assemble 

Simply cut the rolls, fold them into place, and assemble them into wacky characters that your kids are sure to love.

And while they are only made of paper, they are surprisingly sturdy, allowing for long-lasting play after assembly.

3. Soft Toy Sewing Kit from La Sardine

Kids loved stuff animals. Even more so if they're handmade.

These craft kits for kids allow your kids to create lovable stuffed animals all by themselves.

From La Sardine in France, this collection offers a number of charming characters that kids are sure to love. There are even smaller kits that younger kids can make with help from an adult.

The kits include instructions in English and all of the materials to make assembly hassle-free and fun. And once it's done, they'll have a stuffed friend they'll cherish for years to come.

4. Pixel Stitch Embroidery from Geek & Co.

Instead of sitting in front of their video games all summer, your kids can learn a new craft!

The Pixel Stitch Embroidery Kit from Geek & Co doesn't only teach your kids the basics of embroidery. It also has lessons about the similarities between embroidery and computer graphics.

5. Origami Playhouse: Fold, Play & Discover!

Kids love origami. And so do parents. It's a cheap, clean art form that teaches discipline and focus.

The Origami Playhouse book teaches kids fun and challenging origami lessons, but that's not all. The book also folds out into a house to display their pieces once they make them.

At Anthill ShopNplay, we know how important play is. Not only does it keep your children healthy and engaged, but it lets you get some peace of mind also.

Stop into our shop and let your kids run wild in our play area while you look for the best in educational toys and craft kits for kids. 

Play on!

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