Brand Spotlight - Sister Jane & Ghospell

Sister Jane and Ghospell Brand Spotlight
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With spring in full swing and summer fast approaching, we’ve decided to spotlight brands which we feel will provide the perfect accoutrements for warmer weather and summer fun. Now is not the time for cumbersome coats or tight pullovers. It’s time to get loose, strip off those layers and embrace free flowing fabrics. Expect our guide to feature exciting outfits including date night dresses, business casual attire, or just a cute outfit to wear to the beach. Read on below!

Sister Jane

Notting Hill might best be known for the hit romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, and it might be known secondarily as being an upmarket, cosmopolitan and multicultural neighborhood in London. But since 2011 both of those distinguishing features have taken a back seat to Sister Jane. Based directly in the heart of Notting Hill, Sister Jane is an all English, all London label, producing some of the best contemporary vintage-feel clothing on the market.

Unlike other designers in the area, Sister Jane are cut from a different cloth. Their style is completely their own, and the clothes they’re producing stand out for their bohemian, idiosyncratic feel. There’s a certain whimsical nostalgia that you feel when you look at every piece and collection. It’s looks and feels vintage while being completely contemporary. It’s eccentric without being garish, or over the top. There’s something wistful about the aesthetic, which is re-birthed into something new and exciting with every collection. They’ve somehow managed to capture the best details of the 60s and 70s, and introduce them into a modern capsule of garments that are both fresh, retro and trendy all at once.

From dresses to tops, bottoms to jackets and more accessories than you could possibly use, Sister Jane offers any item you could want to complete your wardrobe or even start one from scratch. In fact, they’re so committed to new designs that they offer a new brand new collection every six weeks, meaning that you can always find Sister Jane regardless of the season. It also means that almost every item will at some point become a limited edition rarity.

The brand itself operates out of a repurposed loft in a church hall. It’s here where the Sister Jane team conceptualizes, designs and produces all of their pieces which eventually end up in stores all over the world. Directly below the loft, they operate a boutique out of which they have all of their pieces of display and offer.


If you love Sister Jane but want something more with a more modern feel, then look no further than its sister brand, Ghospell. Like Sister Jane, Ghospell is a fashion brand based out of London, but unlike it’s retro-inspired counterpart, they tend to place a greater emphasis on how fashion exists within a modern lifestyle. More to the point, Ghospell is almost a fashion experiment of textures, striking patterns and urban textures, and how this translates into modern living.

Like Sister Jane, they too produce a brand new capsule every six weeks, meaning consumers can always find the latest in on-trend pieces. Unlike Sister Jane, however, their clothing tends to be a bit more adult, relaxed and sophisticated. Expect to find a variety of different types of clothing to suit a number of different styles and proclivities. Whether it’s an elegant pair of slacks for a business casual meeting, a pinafore jumpsuit to wear out with friends, or pleated date night dress,  Ghospell offers something for every occasion.

In a world of fast fashion, Ghospell’s collections are a wonderful and refreshing glimpse into how fashion can and should look. Their garments are well-made, moderately priced, and put simply, look great. Their designs, while modern and sensible, are never garish or over the top, but exude an almost tangible sense of sophistication while simultaneously straying far from boring. Their collection of shorts and skirts make for the ultimate summer outfit base on which to built the rest of an outfit, while their tops and jackets would complete any look.

And if you’re ever in need of inspiration for how to wear their clothing, take a look at Ghospell’ Instagram for a beautiful collection of unique and interesting looks.

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