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Best Classic Toys for Toddlers - Anthill Toys Costa Mesa
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The first five years of a child’s life are the most important for their development. Providing your children with toys and other learning aids is a great way to help foster learning and to ensure that this process continues unimpeded. Toys for one year olds and toys for two year olds should begin to explain complexities such as gravity and shapes, something that allows them to experiment through trial and error. These toys should also encourage social interaction between the parent and child, as the bulk of learning and cognitive development occurs through relationships.

So in an effort to provide fun and useful tools to aid your child in learning and create environments for positive relationship development, we’ve put together a list of some of the top toddler toys to give your child today.

BRIO - My First Railway Starter Pack

For the inquisitive and curious, BRIO’s ‘My First Railway’ starter pack is the perfect toy for one year olds that will make for hours of fun and learning. It’s four-piece, semi-circular design is easy to set up, and the lack of batteries means that your child will always be able to play safely and consistently.


BRIO - My First Railway Battery Train Set

BRIO’s My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set is an ideal toy for two year olds. The circular design of the track isn’t overly complex, but building of the railway requires and encourages problem solving and creativity. Once completed, set the train of the tracks and press the arrow on top to set the train in motion.


BRIO - Beginner Expansion Set

BRIO’s basic train set can be limiting for a growing child, which is why the Beginner Expansion Set is essential to ensure that room is always available for their creativity and imagination to grow. This top toddler toy works perfectly with BRIO’s Classic Deluxe Set, and will allow your children to create many more track layouts.


Maileg - Sailor Rabbit 

Every child needs a companion, which is why Maileg's Sailor Rabbit is a top toddler toy for any growing boy or girl. Constructed of soft and natural linen, the rabbit is an ideal playmate and will keep your toddler happy for hours. This toy for one year olds is also washable, meaning you won’t have to worry about him joining the table at lunch or dinner!


Maileg - Monkey Rattle

Maileg’s Noah’s Friends collection is one of the best ways to teach your child about all the different animals in the world. Start with the Monkey Rattle, a wonderful top toddler toy made from linen and polyester and suitable for children up to the age of three. If you’d like a place to keep all of the animals safe, consider storing them in Noah's Ark for safe keeping!

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