5 Ways Kids Learn By Playing With Building Blocks 5

5 Ways Kids Learn By Playing With Building Blocks  5
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5 Ways Kids Learn By Playing With Building Blocks

There's only so much you can teach your kids. Kids learn through play and interaction. Click here to find out ways kids learn by playing with building blocks.


Kids love to learn while they play, and as parents, we can help to educate our children through interactive play time.

Learning should be fun, and building blocks are a fun and instructional toys enjoyed by boys, girls, and adults alike.

Whether your choice of building blocks is a simple wooden brick or a more complicated clip-together arrangement, you and your child are sure to find a block which enhances playtime. The possibilities and learning power of these simple toys are endless.

So what can our children learn by playing with blocks?

Building Blocks Build Imagination

Encouraging your child's creativity and imagination helps then to learn to cope with life's challenges. Creativity and imagination assist with problem-solving and figuring things out.

Using blocks as part of playtime allows the child to create whatever they choose. Will they build a fort, a truck, or a pen for their toy animals? Will they place the blocks end to end, coordinate colors, or throw them in a heap and call it a mountain?

Give a child some blocks to play with and you'll be surprised at their inventiveness. 

Understanding Concepts

Playing with blocks helps children develop an understanding of concepts. Blocks come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Your child can learn to sort, count, and color code.

Stacking blocks also allow a child to understand concepts. It does not take long to learn that you can't stack a tower of big blocks on top of one tiny block. Likewise, it is not very easy to build a towel out of cylinder blocks.

Though of course, it is fun to watch them all fall down!

Express Yourself

Block play is an ideal way for a child to show their individuality. While little Amy and Luke happily build a castle together, Tyler may be just as happily creating a zoo.

Allowing a child to express their unique approach to the world through block play helps them to develop their own sense of self. Every child is different, and it can be interesting to see how children turn their vision into reality through the use of blocks.

And who knows, the child who enjoys building tall block buildings may grow up to be an engineer or a project manager!

Playing Together

Children learn to share, collaborate, and understand one another when they play together. Playing with blocks in a group situation involves give and take, patience, and the ability to get along.

Working together with others requires a whole different skill set than is required just playing alone. It's not always easy, but the learning acquired helps your child with their social development. Getting along with others is an important aspect of kindergarten, school, and work.

Use blocks to begin to build these essential life skills.


Blocks can be a great aid for learning basic maths. We can show our children how to count, how to measure, how to compare, and how to estimate.

Mathematics can be fun - how many more blocks do you think we'll need to use to make this house? Will this particular block fit in this particular gap? How many yellow blocks do we have?

And how about this important question? How long will it take to tidy up all the blocks?

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